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“Overall, I was quite pleased with Hireflow.ai search AI capabilities and email outreach platform. I definitely recommend that other sourcers get a demo of this tool.”
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Sourcing Support

Hireflow AI Sourcer

  • Learns your requirements and suggest the best candidates for you every day
  • Lets you approve profiles before any outreach is sent
  • Continually learns from your feedback
  • Discovers the hard to find candidates that are missing brand name pedigree
  • Get your daily sourcing done in 5-10 minutes - 10x faster
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Simple & Powerful Chrome Extension

Sourcing Automation

  • One click sourcing with our Chrome Extension
  • All in one - automated email follow ups, personalization, response rate optimization, inbox integration, email lookups, ATS sync, templates
  • Source 3x faster and stay in your flow
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Data-Drıven SOurcıng

CRM Platform

  • Powerful data and analytics to help you focus on the right candidates
  • Collaborate with your team to keep track of candidates
  • Double response rates with nurture campaign follow ups 
  • Re-engage prospects that showed interest in your email outreach but did not respond
  • Emails are optimized to send at the right time of day
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SOURCE Dıverse Talent


  • See diversity metrics for Gender, URM, LGBTQIA and Veteran status
  • Dashboards to measure and track progress over time
  • Eliminate bias by reviewing your diversity metrics  
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Smart Templates with Follow Ups 

Double your response rates and nurture your campaigns with smart templates and scheduled follow ups

Inbox Integration 

Hireflow messages and candidate replies sync with your inbox so you don't need to change how you work

Automatic Email Lookups 

Don't waste your time searching for emails and let us do the hard work of email lookups for you

Chrome Extension 

Send emails with one click on Linkedin using our easy-to-use Chrome Extension. Our smart campaigns personalize your messages automatically


Invest in right candidates by becoming aware of who opened, clicked and replied to your emails

ATS Integration

Track all candidates and activities in one place with our two-way ATS sync

Diversity Analytics

Track and measure your candidates' diversity over time to build a more diverse team


We protect your data using two factor authentication, TLS encryption and secure access tokens

Product Overview

How Hireflow Works

Create a Campaign

using the Hireflow dashboard

Source With Our Chrome Extension

use LinkedIn or LinkedIn Recruiter

Get Suggestions From Hireflow AI Sourcer

Our AI Sourcer will find candidates for you each day

Emails are Sent to Candidates

Responses arrive in your inbox
Simple Pricing

Choose The Plan That Fits You Best

Use Hireflow for as long as you want for free. The Basic plan offers all the core functionality. If you want to maximize your sourcing upgrade to the Power plan.

Full Comparison
Use our always free Basic Plan and take advantage of all the core features
free forever
50 Candidate Outreaches per month
3 Active Campaigns
1 Auto Follow Up per recipient
No Diversity Metrics
No Team Collaboration
No Open Tracking
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Take your sourcing and outreach to the next level with the Power Plan
per month
200 Candidate Outreaches per month
10 Active Campaigns
10 Auto Follow Ups per recipient
Diversity Metrics
Team Collaboration
Open Tracking
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Frequently Asked Questions

More Questions

Where can I source candidates from while using Hireflow Chrome Extension?

Hireflow Chrome Extension currently supports sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Recruiter. We are working on support for other platforms, let us know which ones you want supported next.

What kind of information do I need to provide for Hireflow AI Sourcer? 

After you add the link for your job posting, our machine learning based algorithm finds the best matches that have the skills and experiences you are looking for. You can further personalize this search by manually filling the intake form to look for candidates that have a specific type of industry experience or background.

How do candidates receive my messages?

Once you add a candidate to a campaign using Hireflow they will receive your message and follow ups via email. The messages will come directly from your email address and if the candidate replies you will see the response directly in your inbox.

Do I need to provide the candidate's email address?

Not at all! We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the email address of a candidate you have sourced. We take care of email finding for you so you can focus on the actual sourcing.

Why does Hireflow need access to my inbox?

Hireflow’s outreach technology allows you to email any candidate with one-click. In order to email candidates, your Hireflow account needs to integrate with your inbox. It is important to emphasize that Hireflow will not read or process your regular emails. We abide by a strict security and privacy policy and only process email threads you initiate in Hireflow.

How does Hireflow contact candidates?

Whether you use LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, or LinkedIn Recruiter, Hireflow integrates with your account and looks up the email addresses of all candidates on your behalf. You focus on finding the talent. We’ll focus on finding their email! Once you’ve found your candidate, Hireflow connects with your inbox so the message comes directly from your email address allowing for the most authentic outreach.

Which platforms does the ATS sync support? 

Currently, Hireflow supports Greenhouse and Lever. We are working to support other platforms; please let us know your suggestions.

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