Canary Technologies

Canary Technologies Makes a Critical Hire within One Month with Hireflow's Recruiting Management Software


Canary Technologies is a leader in hospitality solutions, and is trusted by thousands of top companies worldwide. Canary's software secures guest data, reduces chargebacks, and enhances the guest experience by eliminating paper processes on property.

Enterprise Software for the Hospital Industry
20-30 employees in San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY


Canary Technologies was looking to grow quickly by hiring the best talent. Canary needed a recruiting management software. However, what they saw in the market were expensive, high-friction products that required countless demos and back-and-forth emails with sales representatives.

Canary Technologies' recruiting team wanted a frictionless, easy to use software that could fuel their growth.

Canary Technologies' team was looking for an easy to use solution that they could implement immediately.
Canary Technologies' struggled to reach candidates through LinkedIn InMail.
The recruiting team was unable to find a solution that met their time and budget constraints.


To solve their challenges, Canary Technologies' recruiting team turned to Hireflow's free, self-serve software. After creating accounts, recruiters were able to start sourcing candidates immediately. Within one month, they were able to hire a critical role and 10x their sourcing pipeline.

Rapidly build a diverse talent engine to propel future growth.
Free up hours of time by finding candidate emails in seconds.
Automatically understand which campaigns to expand for better results.
"We knew that with the right software, we could take our hiring to the next level. And we did with Hireflow, which started adding value from day one by eliminating the hours of manual work. I was able to source more and we made a hire in a month!"
SJ Sawhney, Founder

Key Takeaways

Hired a critical hire within one month
Eliminated hours of manual sourcing work
Improved outreach to women and minority candidates

Connect with more candidates than ever before

Our users reach an average of 57% more passive candidates with Hireflow.
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