Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Hireflow send InMail messages? 

No. Research shows that candidates are 35% more likely to reply to direct emails than InMail messages because of the overwhelming amount of InMails candidates receive. Additionally, Hireflow supports automated follow ups which helps boost responses 2x further. 

What kind of information do I need to provide for Hireflow AI Sourcer? 

Once you share your job description, our machine learning backed algorithm finds the best matches for the skills and experience you are looking for in your role. You can further personalize this search by manually filling out the intake form to look for candidates that have a specific type of industry experience or background.

Where can I source candidates from while using Hireflow Chrome Extension?

Hireflow currently supports sourcing candidates on LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and LinkedIn Recruiter. We are working on support for other platforms, let us know which ones you want supported next.

Why does Hireflow need access to my inbox?

Hireflow’s outreach technology allows you to email any candidate with one-click. In order to email candidates, your Hireflow account needs to integrate with your inbox. It is important to emphasize that Hireflow will not read or process your regular emails. We abide by a strict security and privacy policy and only process email threads you initiate in Hireflow. 

How do candidates receive my messages?

Once you add a candidate to a campaign using Hireflow they will receive your message and follow ups via email. The messages will come directly from your email address and if the candidate replies you will see the response directly in your inbox.

Can you organize the candidates in CRM? 

Definitely! You can easily organize candidates by adding tags that will be later visible on your preferred ATS with our two-way ATS sync. This allows you to find a specific candidate or group of candidates faster than ever. 

How does Hireflow contact candidates?

Whether you use LinkedIn, LinkedIn Recruiter Lite, or LinkedIn Recruiter, Hireflow integrates with your account and looks up the email addresses of all candidates on your behalf. You focus on finding the talent. We’ll focus on finding their email! Once you’ve found your candidate, Hireflow connects with your inbox so the message comes directly from your email address allowing for the most authentic outreach.

Do I need to provide candidate information to track diversity? 

No. We know that collecting and organizing stats to reach diversity goals is a very time consuming process. Hireflow makes this process easier for you by collecting diversity statistics automatically when you send emails to candidates. We then present this data in an aggregate form rather on an individual basis to eliminate bias and keep you compliant.

Which platforms does the ATS sync support? 

Currently, Hireflow supports Greenhouse and Lever. We are working to support other platforms; please let us know your suggestions.

Do I need to provide the candidate's email address?

Not at all! We know how difficult and time consuming it can be to find the email address of a candidate you have sourced. We take care of email finding for you so you can focus on the actual sourcing.

Is Hireflow AI Sourcer a replacement to Linkedin? 

No, Hireflow is not a replacement for Linkedin or any ATS platform. It works as a supplement to these platforms to improve the efficiency of your outbound recruitment process. 

Does Hireflow AI Sourcer send emails to candidates without my approval? 

No, Hireflow AI Sourcer does not send emails to candidates you have not approved. You can quickly approve or reject candidates with our easy-to-use interface guaranteeing that you don’t ever reach out to a candidate that falls below your bar.

Does Hireflow AI Sourcer prevent double messaging candidates?

Don't worry, we know that double messaging is a huge concern for recruiters when using automated sourcing tools. With our ATS sync, we make sure that your daily recommendation of candidate pool does not have any candidates you've reached out to in the past