Respect for privacy & security.

We're committed to keeping your data safe. This means robust security measures that safeguard the storage, transmission and sharing of data across Hireflow.


Our team is committed to your privacy. We use best-in-class technology to ensure all data entering or leaving Hireflow is protected.


Security is a top priority at Hireflow. We leverage the best security infrastructure paired with secure access tokens and two factor authorization to safeguard your information.


All employees abide by a strict internal security policy in order to protect our platform and your information.

Why does Hireflow need permission to my email?

Hireflow’s outreach technology allows you to email any candidate with one-click. In order to email candidates, your Hireflow account needs to integrate with your inbox. Only emails generated in Hireflow or replies to Hireflow-initiated emails are ingested into our system for processing. All other email content is not processed by Hireflow.

How do we protect your data?

At Hireflow we believe in comprehensive security. We leverage proven technologies, including TLS encryption, two factor authentication, and secure access tokens, to protect our infrastructure and your information. Additionally, all of our databases are encrypted at rest.

Has your security been tested and verified?

Our security procedures, policies, and protocols were thoroughly tested and approved by Google's preferred security vendor. Contact us if you are interested in details about the security audit.

Who has access to your data?

At Hireflow, all employees follow a strict internal security policy. In addition to the technologies we leverage to prevent data breaches, only our production devops team has access to customer data. The production devops team is only able to access customer data when responding to specific customer issues and bugs.

Does Hireflow have a Security Policy?

Yes, you can view our Security Policy here.